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Lior Shvil
born in 1971 Tel Aviv, Israel  /  lives and works in New York, NY


Audio: Interview of Lior Shvil, part 1



Audio: Interview of Lior Shvil, part 2



Lior Shvil
Operation OZ Belev-Yam, 2011 I
nstallation: wood, 8 channel surveillance camera system, video switch box, three-channel video, three computer monitors, camera cables, tactical clothing, tactical equipment, flag, mirror, power cords, cable ties, lights, rope, pipes, chain, aluminum, inkjet prints on board, paint ball pellets, paint, tape, chalk, smoke machine, wardrobe rack, dressing screen, bench, glass, clamps, grip tape, and wire podium video switch box, DVD player, one-channel video, 3 computer monitors and high definition recorder
Dimensions variable
Acquired in 2011
Shvil-L Operation-OZ