Holy Men and Angels


The first images Young made as an adult were of angels, angels that “try to make mankind stronger.” They are represented in various forms in his work; as individual portraits or masses of gestural figures. In the painting opposite, yellow angels hover around a haloed figure on a mound or mountaintop. The narrow, earthbound form is clothed in robes.

Young did not attend church and kept his religious faith private. He was, however, often in the company of his closest friend, Silo Crespo, a Santeria priest. Young was deeply cynical of mainstream religious leaders for what he perceived as their hypocrisy, their materialism, and their inaction. “[Preachers] watch me all their life and watch me paint and think I’m weird, when I look at them I say they are part of the bullshit too.” “I see more churches being built and the world getting worse.”


All works Untitled and ca. 1980-1999


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