Corpses, coffins, funeral processions, headstones and crosses were featured in many of Young’s paintings, giving them a marked finality. When speaking about these paintings Young would often relay specific narratives drawn from life. “I paint funerals and graveyards because I see a lot of my friends pass. I been to a lot of funerals...guys carrying caskets sometimes... Death to the people.” “Guys getting killed all around here. Guy walked up to a guy the other day–guy sold him some bad stuff–boom–blowed his brains. This goes on all the time.”

In the painting of a dead musician, angels carry the figure while a guitar doubles as a headstone and cross. In another, Young glued a metal scraper to the panel, jutting from the figure’s head, emphasizing the person’s violent death. A diptych depicts a funeral procession through the mountains. Two deaths are being mourned, on the left panel, a coffin is carried aloft by mourners; on the right, the mourners carry an angel. In the middle of the procession is a pregnant figure.


All works Untitled and ca. 1980-1999


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