November 28, 2005 - May 28, 2006



Part I: Here we are confronted with monummental works by Gilbert and George, Kara Walker and Zhang Huan. Each of these pieces deals with identity and imposed categorizations in a sarcastic and irreverent way. Using an image of the self in a repetitive grid we become more familiar with the issues that haunt humanity. In the center a large sculpture by Mark Handforth offers directions to nowhere, a wry political comment.


Seriality-part-2_installation_2Part II: A new generation of artists such as Wade Guyton, Nate Lowman and Kelly Walker have picked up on the generosity of ideas passed down by Andy Warhol. This exhibition brings together artists who deal with the idea of seriality and the possibilities of and references to mass printing techniques. Paul Chan, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Wade Guyton, Damien Hirst, Michael Jenkins, Jeff Koons, Nate Lowman, Cady Noland, Charles Ray, Guyton\Walker, Kelly Walker, Andy Warhol and Christopher Wool.


Artistis in the Exhibition:

Maurizio Cattelan
Paul Chan
Gilbert and George
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Wade Guyton
Guyton \ Walker
Mark Handforth
Damien Hirst
Jeff Koons
Nate Lowman
Cady Noland
Damian Ortega
Charles Ray
Tseng Kwong Chi
Kara Walker
Kelly Walker
Andy Warhol
Christopher Wool
Zhang Huan