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New Shamans/Novos Xamãs: ​Brazilian Artists

November 30, 2016 — August 25, 2017


Inspired by the Rubells’ extensive research trips to Belo Horizonte, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, New Shamans/Novos Xamãs occupies the Foundation’s entire ground floor. Through installations, paintings, photographs, and sculptures, 12 emerging and mid-career artists address universal environmental, social and political concerns. All of the artworks are from the Rubells’ permanent collection. A bilingual English/Portuguese catalog includes text on each of the artists is available via our online bookstore.


Artists in the exhibition:
Lucas Arrudaassume vivid astro focus / Sônia GomesAndré Komatsu / Daniel Steegmann MangranéThiago Martins de Melo / Paulo NazarethMaria Nepomuceno / Solange PessoaPaulo Nimer Pjota / Marina RheingantzErika Verzutti 


NS R01 03

assume vivid astro focus

NS R02 01
Thiago Martins de Melo

NS R02 02Paulo Nazareth

NS R03 02Sônia Gomes

NS R03 03
Erika Verzutti

NS R04 01Marina Rheingantz

NS R05 01André Komatsu

NS R06 01Solange Pessoa

NS R07 02Paulo Nimer Pjota and Daniel Steegmann Mangrané