Jennifer West
Born in Topanga, CA, 1966
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA


Jennifer West
Rainbow Party on 70MM Film (70MM film leader kissed with lipstick & impressed with teeth marks by Jwest and her former students: Mariah Csepanyi, Maggie Romano & Roxana Eslemiah), 2008
Video transferred from 70 mm film (color, silent), Ed. 4/4
Duration: 39 sec.
West J RainbowParty 03 300


Jennifer West
Skinnydipping Carbon Beach Malibu Film - In Front of David Geffen’s House (16MM color and b&w film neg sprayed with fried pickle juice, painted with Bloody Marys using celery stalks & ash from the Malibu fires, submerged in the ocean - skinnydipping by R), 2008
Video transferred from 16 mm film (color, silent), Ed. 2/4
Duration: 5 min. 8 sec.
West J Skinnydipping 01 300