With Infinity Rooms reopened, the museum now features three major Kusama installations including Narcissus Garden


kusama 01

kusama 02
Yayoi Kusama, Where the Lights in My Heart Go, 2016


Beginning today, visitors can experience our two Infinity Rooms by Yayoi Kusama for the first time since March 2020. These celebrated fully immersive works, the only Infinity Rooms on view in the Southeastern United States, create a kaleidoscopic effect that transports visitors to an alternate, limitless universe.

We are also featuring Kusama’s mesmerizing, monumental Narcissus Garden, 1966-. Composed of 700 stainless steel spheres, the work flows 200 feet along the museum’s central hall, creating an everchanging river of reflection that beckons and visually teases visitors as they walk through and along it.

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“Kusama’s Infinity Rooms take us to new galaxies,” said Mera Rubell. “We are honored to be the only museum in the country with three of her major interactive works on view, each of which provides a different transformative experience. Her works are accessible and enjoyable for visitors of all ages which goes to the heart of our mission of sharing our collection.”

Our Museum reopened in July 2020 with new health and safety protocols in place to protect our visitors and staff, including keeping our Infinity Rooms closed, due to the enclosed and immersive nature of these works. With the decline in Coronavirus cases and increase in vaccinations, we are reopening these beloved works with new safety procedures and galley attendants in place.