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Born in Abington, PA, 1972
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA


Superclogger, 2010
Mazda pickup truck, FM broadcaster, FM receiver, CD player, soundtracks, scripts, puppeteer clothing, headphones, two two-way radios with earpieces, eleven puppets and video
69 x 79 1/2 x 209 1/2 in. (175.3 x 201.9 x 532.1 cm)
Kyack-J SuperClogger print 3


Good Things Come (To Those Who Wait?), 2011
Wood, hardware cloth, newspaper, acrylic paint, spray paint, sand, artificial plants, astroturf, foam, tin cans, fake crow, cardboard tube, zip ties, rocks and artificial limbs
Each: 72 x 60 x 48 in. (183 x 152.5 x 122 cm)
Kyack-J GoodThingsCometoThoseWhoWait


Pine Woods Municipal Band Tryouts, 2011
Wood hardware cloth, acrylic paint, newspaper, plaster, spray paint, artificial plants, rug, dirt, glue, tree bark, dried moss, keg barrel, sunglasses, trumpets, fake bird, fake butterfly, zip ties, plant pot, duct tape, plastic bags, paper, straw hat, speakers and sound
Each: 72 x 60 x 48 in. (183 x 152.5 x 122 cm)
Kyack-J PineWoodMunicipalBandTryouts