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December 3, 2014, through May 30, 2015


Lucy Dodd: The Genesis of A Painting catalog
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Audio: Lucy Dodd talks about her work Guernika

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Lucy Dodd
Guernika, 2014
Spanish hematite, Miami rain water and lavender oil, cochineal, kombucha SCOBY, Rota squid ink, earth from Monasterio de Suso, Aracena, Rio Tinto, la Aldea-Bejes and Guernika, chamomile and pomegranate from Segura de Leon, lichen from Sierra de Gata, yerba maté, Rio Tinto water, mica, spirulina, mixed pigments and Tyrian purple on canvas
11’ 5” x 25’ 6” (3.5 x 7.8 m)
Acquired in 2014
Dodd-L GUERNIKA-02-1280